Madrid Travel Guide - Spain

Madrid Travel Guide - Spain

The largest and most energetic city in Spain, Madrid is a city of 3 million whose vivacity rivals every major European metropolis.

Madrid was named capital in 1562 - relatively late in Spain's history - soley because of its centric location in the middle of the peninsula. As a result, no Spanish attraction is more than 6 hours from Madrid, which makes it the perfect place to learn Spanish and get to know the peninsula.

Madrid is Spain's political and financial hub, so it attracts residents from all over Spain and the world. Since few inhabitants are actually native to Madrid, all that live there are integrated as madrileños in no time. In other words, it's easy to feel at home here despite the city's impressive size.

The old neighborhoods in Madrid, like Malasaña, La Latina and Huertas, are characterized by colorful, winding streets and lots of nightlife and personality. The newer areas of the city, with the famous Torre Picasso and the wide boulevard of the Castellana offer the Prado and other amazing museums, elegant 19th century buildings, as well as the 'Central Park' of Madrid, the Retiro. The Retiro is just one of many expansive parks in the city, providing green respite from the daily grind. Add to all of this the Royal Palace, a plethora of historic plazas, the country's Congress and the president's home and you have enough cultural sites to last a lifetime.

If you want to get away from the city, the Navacerrada slopes are just one hour away, and the airport, train and bus stations will take you throughout Spain and anywhere in the Europe. Nevertheless, you may find it hard to motivate to leave this city, because there's so much to do within its confines!

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