Chile Travel Guide

Chile Travel Guide

If you're a nature lover and you want to learn Spanish in the most beautiful environment imaginable, Chile is the country for you.

The vast spectrum of activities that Chile has to offer makes it a virtual paradise on earth; you can ski, hike, golf, camp, surf, fish, mountain climb... the options are endless. And to top it all off, it's possible to combine all of these pastimes in the same day depending on where you are!

Chile's diverse landscape and climate varies from the western Pacific coast to the eastern Andes down to the beautiful lakes of the south, where you'll also find rolling hills, snow-capped volcanoes, the virgin Alerce forests and the famous region of Patagonia.

The Chilean coast is the longest in the world, and its miles and miles of beaches are home to an abundance of amazing surfing spots. Modern highways connect the coastal cities between each other, and this whole central coastal region enjoys more than 8 months of summer. Beaches and resorts continue north to La Serena, a colonial city known for its production of pisco, a special kind of grape brandy and the preferred drink of Chileans.

Down south you might encounter a huaso (Chilean cowboy) riding a horse in a traditional manta and sombrero (poncho and hat). These are the lands that were occupied by the Spanish conquistadors for their fertility. And if you continue to the bottom of the country you'll practically be in Antarctica!

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Chile Travel Guides

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