Santiago de Chile Travel Guide - Chile

Santiago de Chile Travel Guide - Chile

Santiago de Chile is Chile's impressive capital, with a population of about 5 million. This centrally located metropolis lies amidst the ever-present backdrop of the Andes, and is the perfect base to explore the north, south and central areas of the country.

Santiago enjoys a Mediterranean climate and mild winters; rain in the city often mean snow just an hour away, creating the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders, with world-class resorts like the Valle Nevado, Colorado and La Parva. Just a short trip to the west leads you to the Pacific coast, where you can enjoy the ocean whether you're an amateur surfer or professional sun bather. Can you think of any other city that allows you to go skiing and lie on the beach all in the same day?

Santiago is safe and comfortable, and its citizens are very welcoming and friendly to foreigners. The architecture of the city varies from the most modern skyscrapers to historical colonial and Victorian structures. In Santiago, you will be greeted by the kindness of a Latin American culture while enjoying all the comforts of the first world.

What's more, Santiago is one of the most efficient cities in South America. It's easily navigable, with a good public transportation system, and has an energetic, exciting nightlife. With an abundance of restaurants, lively street scenes and great shopping, you'll never get bored while you learn Spanish in Santiago.

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