Accommodations in Spain & Latin America

Accommodation in Spain - Accommodation in Latin America

Spanish in the World knows that the student's living arrangement is one of the most important aspects of their study abroad experience. We therefore personally approve each accommodation through a strict approval process, in order to ensure that the student will live in a comfortable, pleasant and positive environment.

Our Spanish schools are also happy to offer a wide variety of housing options, allowing you to pick the home away from home that's right for you:

We additionally offer transfer services to bring you from the airport or elsewhere to your chosen accommodation (see above).

Arrival & Check-In for Apartments, Residences & Host Families in Spain

You may check-in to your accommodation at noon (12pm) on the Sunday before the first day of class (which is always a Monday). Check-out will likewise be at noon on the Saturday after your last class.

The check-in/out schedule, however, may be flexible, as we understand that flight schedules, ticket prices and other factors will determine the student's arrival and departure time. If a student arrives a few days earlier or later than the Sunday before or Saturday after classes, it may be possible for him/her to arrange a few extra days in the accommodation at an extra charge. Please note that 4 extra days amount to the cost of an entire week. In any case, we cannot promise that your room will be available during the requested extended time period; if another student needs to check-in they will receive priority.

Note: All students should contact our offices to obtain the necessary information about when and where they will be able to pick up the keys for their room/apartment. It goes without saying that the students are obliged to respect all rules and regulations set by families, residences and shared flat administrations. In the case of any damages to the premises the student will be obliged to cover the costs of repairs.

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