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Feedback about Spanish Schools in Spain

I came to Madrid to improve my Business Spanish and it worked. I was promoted in my job and I use Spanish every day in dealing with international clients.
Alexander, GERMANY
I spent 22 weeks in two different schools. I enjoyed my stay so much thanks to the personal attention, teacher dedication and the method of teaching. Also, the school is located at the centre of the city and I had a great time there. Thanks to the excursions and to the large variety of activities organized by the School,. I picked up a lot about Spanish culture!
I will always remember my course in Marbella. The School building is very comfortable and the classrooms doesn't have many students. The Family that I stayed with was great. They treated me as a member of the family. Definitely the richest experience of my life so far.


My room in the Barcelona Residence was very comfortable and I shared it with my new Spanish friend Fernando. He is coming this summer to Italy to visit me! I enjoyed my stay so much better than I hoped: the courses, the material, the teachers, the activities and in general the whole organization helped me to speak Spanish fluently and to become very familiar with this wonderful country.
Mariano, ITALY

Feedback about our Spanish schools in Latin America

I will never forget these weeks in Cusco, Peru. The local people and the teachers were so nice and we did so many activities and trips! I can not wait to come back next summer.

Eugena, NORWAY

The teachers in the Sucre, Bolivia Spanish school were very dynamic and helped us so much to learn more about the Bolivian culture and customs.


A very friendly staff helped me to arrange my schedule and enjoy my stay in Antigua, Guatemala. The language school served as a tool to get along with local people and discover this wonderful culture.


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