Learn Spanish in Cuzco, Peru

Spanish in Cuzco
Cuzco , Peru

Cuzco might hold the most impressive past of any Latin American city; amazingly enough, the foundations of Inca temples continue to support Spanish colonial and other structures to this day. This city's rich history and cultural diversity - from the stonework of the Temple of the Sun to the great colonial churches of the 16th century - make it the perfect place to get to know Peruvian indigenous and colonial cultures.

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Spanish School in Cuzco

Our Cuzco Spanish School is located on one of Cuzco's main streets, the Avenida El Sol, and directly in front of the Temple of Sun (the "Korikancha"). The school is housed in a two story building with a video room, kitchen, entertainment room, sundeck and 15 classrooms, all decorated with Peruvian handicrafts. Right next door you can find the main post office, banks, internet cafes and variety of restaurants. The Plaza de Armas, Cuzco's main square, is just a short walk away.

Spanish in Cuzco

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