Intensive Spanish Course

Intensive Spanish Course

Our Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain & Latin America couldn't be more convenient! You can choose between the number of lessons per week (options vary by school), and we offer all levels from the most beginner to the most advanced. What's more, Spanish in the world's Spanish schools always set a small class size to make sure that you receive the best personal attention possible. Courses begin every Monday, all year round. The minimum duration is 1 week and you can sign up for as much as 1 year.

As soon as you arrive at the Spanish School of your choice in Spain or Latin America, you will take a placement test to accurately assess your level of Spanish. From there, your Intensive Spanish Course covers all aspects of language learning: speaking, listening, writing, vocabulary and reading. These courses also include lessons about the culture and customs of the country where you're learning Spanish, because true fluency takes a lot more than just knowing the language.

In addition, there will be organized activities every week: nature excursions, city tours, cooking & dance classes, workshops, weekend trips, etc.

With all of these elements put together, you're sure to receive a well-rounded, multi-faceted Spanish language education, as well as get to know the Spanish-speaking country the most interests you!


Please note that Intensive Spanish course characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

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