Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Situated just north of Panama, Costa Rica is a tropical country famously dedicated to preserving its native wildlife and natural wonders. Known as the political oasis of Central America, its citizens enjoy a tranquility uncommon to the region. Costa Rica is inhabited by some 3 million residents - mostly descendant of Spaniards - along with some African, Chinese and indigenous minorities.

Costa Rica allows students from all over the world the opportunity to admire and explore its beautifully conserved tropics. And it goes without saying the the country's awesome beaches are perfect for surfing and sunbathing. When you learn Spanish in Costa Rica, you're sure to be so floored by this pleasant, gorgeous country that you might even be tempted to stay!

Spanish in the World offers Spanish courses in cities throughout Costa Rica; learn more about all of them by clicking on the guide pages below!

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