Spanish + Flamenco Course in Spain

Flamenco Course in Spain

Have you always been intrigued by the art of flamenco? Or have you ever wondered what exactly "flamenco" is and means? If so, our Spanish + Flamenco Course in Spain is a wonderful opportunity to learn about this profoundly beautiful southern Spanish art form, and at the same time improve your Spanish skills!

In addition to regular Spanish lessons, you will receive flamenco dance lessons from professional flamenco dancers, either at the Spanish in the World Spanish school or the best performing arts centers in Cádiz, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella & Sevilla.

Don't miss this amazing chance to study flamenco right where it all began!


Please note that the Flamenco Course in Spain characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

Long Duration Course in Spain
  • Cádiz
    (25 Spanish + 5 Flamenco lessons / week)
  • Granada
    ( 8 Flamenco lessons/ week)
  • Madrid
    ( 8 Flamenco lessons/ week)
  • Málaga
    (20 Spanish + 2 Flamenco lessons/ week)
  • Marbella
    (20 Spanish + 8 Flamenco lessons/ week)
  • Nerja
    (20 Spanish + 5 Flamenco lessons/ week)
  • Seville
    (20 Spanish + 8 Flamenco lessons/ week)

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