Spanish + Cuban Music or Dance

Cuban Music or Dance

Latin-American music and Afro-Caribbean dances like Merengue, Bachata, Son, Mambo, Rumba and Salsa have attracted many enthusiastic followers during the last few years in Europe and North America. The music and its dances express the positive attitude of the people towards life, towards their culture, their vitality, and their joy in life.

At our schools in Cuba, your general or one-on-one Spanish course will be complemented by 5 dance or music lessons; at our Santo Domingo school your course will be complemented by 8 dance lessons. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn Spanish and Latin American music or dance- it's fun, cultural and educational all at once!

*Also keep in mind that if you want to focus solely on tango, flamenco or salsa dances, we have several schools throughout Spain and Latin America that will have you dancing like the locals in no time!


Please note that course characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

Spanish + Music or Dance in Latin America

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