Havana Travel Guide - Cuba

Havana Travel Guide - Cuba

Havana is an extremely diverse, thought-provoking and vibrant capital. Although it is watched over by the strict government of Fidel Castro, you may be surprised to discover how quickly you begin to appreciate this city despite its hardships. Its citizens are, on the whole, happy, friendly and welcoming people who find the utmost joy in daily life; it's a contagious attitude that makes living in Havana a pleasure.

Havana's old part of town is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Other highlights include the Malecón, a long path along sea that's always packed with people, and the beautiful beaches of the playas del este. The art deco neighborhood of Vedado is where all of our homestays are located, so you'll be surrounded by interesting buildings and artwork on a daily basis when you learn Spanish in Havana.

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