Buenos Aires Travel Guide - Argentina

Buenos Aires Travel Guide - Argentina

Buenos Aires, a city of more than 12 million inhabitants, holds about 1/3 of Argentina's population. This sophisticated metropolis is the country's official capital and is known for having a distinctly European flavor smack in the middle of South America. It's impossible to get bored in Buenos Aires; as exciting as any world capital, it has a lively nightlife, abundance of restaurants and long, beautiful avenues for shopping and strolling.

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the political, economic, social, and cultural center of the country, and its importance is evident all around you. Find yourself lost amidst the world famous avenida 9 de julio, the city's widest boulevard, where both international citizens and porteños ("people of the port," as the residents of Buenos Aires are called) mingle and interact on a daily basis. From there, you can immerse yourself in the nearby plaza de mayo, a bustling center of activity where the original settlement that later became Buenos Aires was started.

If you want to discover the tango, Argentina's national music and dance, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn Spanish. Tango spirit and expressivity pervade the city's parks, plazas and halls, emanating both in and out of doors.

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