Summer Tennis Lessons

Tennis is a classic sport enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults in every corner of the globe. What better time than summer for your child or teen to learn or improve tennis skills that will last them a lifetime?

Whether your child is a beginner or has been holding the racquet since birth, our summer tennis program is suitable for all levels. In our Marbella Summer Programs students will take lessons at the El Casco sports, while Madrid Summer Program participants will receive their lessons either at the camp or at the sports facilities of the nearby university. The program consists of a total of 10 hours per two-week session.

The summer tennis optional sports program is offered in the following camp(s):

Summer Tennis Program Details

Tennis Sports Camp

Campers who sign up for tennis at sports camp will have 30 hours of tennis classes during their 2-week camp session. Lessons will take place in the morning and the afternoons will be busy with excursions, other sports, workshops and activities.

The tennis sports camp is available at the following camp(s):

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