Special Junior Program

The special junior program is our most independent camp program, in which outside of classtime students will have a higher level of both independence and responsibility. All special junior program participants will reside in host families or, in some cases, a student residence.

On the first day of class, each student's host family will accompany them to the school. From then on, students are responsible for getting themselves to and from the school, as well as to and from the host family and any commitments they make.

In their free time, camp participants can email at school, explore the city, participate in activities and sports, spend time with their host family, go to the movies, etc. Regardless of how students decide to fill their free time, there is a mandatory curfew with which they are expected - and required - to comply.

Unlike most of our other summer camp programs, the weekend excursions and afternoon activities organized by the camp are entirely optional.

The special junior program is available in the following camps:

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