Residential Camp Program

The residential camp program, our most popular, represents the highest degree of immersion in the language camp and embodies the summer camp philosophy of Spanish in the World. By living, playing, studying and practicing languages together in an open and multicultural atmosphere, camp participants will acquire and improve linguistic and interpersonal skills to last a lifetime.

In this signature option, international students from around the globe will experience everything together, from morning wake up to lights out and everything in between. Together, all camp participants will stay in the camp residence hall, learn languages, participate in all sorts of activities and excursions, play sports and form long-lasting friendships.

The only time students are separated is during the language classes, when students are divided by language, by age and by level into learning groups of no more than 12 students. Outside of class, however, Spanish and international students will spend every minute together.

In the residence, students will share rooms according to gender and age. Depending on the camp, these rooms may be doubles, triples, quads or even six-person rooms.

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