PAU Preparation Course + University Placement

PAU Preparation Course

"PAU" stands for "Prueba y Acceso à la Universidad", or "Test and Entry to a University". It is more commonly referred to as "la selectividad", or "the selection". The PAU is a mandatory part of the Spanish education system and normally takes place between college and university in the months of June and September. Those who wish to enter a university need to have a certain PAU score, hence the PAU is a form of candidate selection. For many, having a good PAU score is decisive for which university they will eventually go to.

The test consists of a series of exams covering a variety of topics. For example, there is an exam on Spanish language and literature, Spanish history, a foreign language (English), and geography.

Just as with our Foundation Year Course, our school will help you with enrollment to a Spanish university. However, the school will also prepare you for the different parts of the PAU curriculum, hence the program is organized in accordance with each of the sections of the test.

To apply for our course you will need to have already a high-intermediate or advanced level of Spanish. The program takes either 5 or 8 months and begins in January and October. You will have 9 or 15 lessons per week .


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