Camp Workshops

Arts & Crafts Workshop
Participants will use a variety of different materials (clay, yarn, recycled materials, beads, paper, etc.) to create handcrafts.

Juggling & Circus Workshop
Students will learn circus-type skills like devil sticks, diabolos, spinning plates and juggling.

Journalism Workshop
Students will have fun and work together to create a biweekly camp newspaper. Along with fostering students' creative, writing and critical thinking skills, this workshop will teach them valuable lessons about how to work as part of a team.

Music & Percussion Workshop
Students will learn how to use a variety of instruments: guitar, flamenco cajón (special box for creating rhythms of flamenco), bongos, maracas, etc.

Theatre Workshop
Students will put on a variety of plays, including works created by the students themselves as well as famous works reccommended by the overseeing counselor. From costumes and make-up to set design and acting, students will participate in all aspects of the production.

Outdoors Workshop
Students will learn about numerous aspects and participate in various activities related to the environment in an effort to instill in them a lasting appreciation and respect towards our natural surroundings. Some aspects include hiking & trekking, camping, knot-making, etc.

Flamenco & Sevillanas Workshop
Students who participate in this workshop can learn how to dance flamenco and sevillanas.

Ballroom Dancing Workshop
Students will work on their personal sense of rhythm and movement through the music and traditional ballroom dance steps of twist, tango, salsa, etc.

Cooking Workshop
This workshop teaches students to appreciate the culinary arts as well as the multicultural backgrounds of their fellow camp participants. Campers will learn to make chocolate cake, truffles and a variety of traditional Spanish dishes.

Lifesaving Workshop
Students will learn how to perform diverse lifesaving techniques, such as CPR and life guarding.

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