Business Spanish Course

Business Spanish

If you already command an intermediate level of Spanish and would like to advance while learning business terminology and phrases, this is the course for you. Both professionals and university students can benefit from this class, and the teacher will be a professor specialized in Spanish Business & Linguistics.

Our Spanish Schools in Spain are partners with the the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, so we organize this course as a prelude for those who wish to take the Chamber of Commerce exam and obtain the following official diplomas:

Students have the opportunity to study the following specialized subjects:

  • The structure of businesses & financial management in Spain
  • Trade relations
  • Banks, financial operations and EU financial institutions.
  • Marketing and advertising
  • International trade
  • The stock market
  • The tourism market
  • The Spanish Labor Market
  • Tax Legislation
  • Spain and the European Union

Business Spanish course material is designed to give students a global view of the Spanish business world with the additional aim of preparing them to feel comfortable in Spanish business situations, using the correct vocabulary. Teachers provide materials appropriate to the students specific interests and needs, so topics may vary according to the group. Field trips are arranged (to the Spanish Stock Market and Chamber of Commerce) and accompanied by an instructor.

Also, Spanish in the Spanish World prepares students for the EXIGE exam (4 weeks, 80 hours of Business Spanish + 20 hours of cultural lessons).

For more information about the theoretical and practical contents of each level, please contact our central office.


Please note that business Spanish course characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

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