Spanish + Activities in Latin America

Spanish Activities

Looking for a unique learning experience outside of the classroom? We currently have three different Spanish + Activities programs - "Activa," "Un poco de todo" and "Pura vida" - in 5 locations that are geared towards those students anxious to see and experience as much as they can as they acquire or improve their Spanish skills.

Spanish + Activities - "Activa" Program

Want to see all the sights of Sucre or Quito without having to deal with the hassles of transportation and entrance fees? Looking for the very best expert guides around? Then this is the course for you! When you sign up for the "Activa" program, transportation and entrance fees for each cultural activity are taken care of. Plus, all activities are guided by one of our energetic, knowledgeable teachers.

Program includes: 20 Spanish lessons + 5 individualized activities each week. Sign up for this program in: Sucre (Bolivia) and Quito (Ecuador)

Spanish + Activities - "Un poco de todo"

Our Spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala and our Argentine schools in Buenos Aires and Córdoba offer a special mixed Spanish program called "Un poco de todo," or "A Little of Everything." This is an alternative vacation for people who quickly want to sample what a country has to offer, from the language to the culture to the workplace to tourist attractions.

During this 3-week program you will learn Spanish, perform volunteer work, participate in cultural activities, live with a local family and explore other parts of the country. Have you been thinking about doing a longer-term volunteer project but aren't sure this is for you? Try "Un Poco de Todo" and truly get to know and understand Guatemala, Buenos Aires and Cordoba!

Program includes: 20 Spanish lessons + weekend excursions to Tikal and Lake Atitlán + 2-4 afternoons volunteering each week. Sign up for this program in: Antigua (Guatemala)

Spanish + Activities - "Pura vida"

The "Pura vida" course at our school in Coronado, Costa Rica is the perfect course if you're looking for a more hands-on learning experience. "Pura vida" is an activity-based course that will have you out and about as you learn Spanish, experience life in Costa Rica and have a great time through it all!

Program includes 10 Spanish lessons + 8 activities each week. Sign up for this program in: Coronado, Costa Rica


Please note that course characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

Spanish + Activities in Latin America

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