American University Credits - Study Abroad Credits

University Credits - Study Abroad Credits

Our course curricula have been designed in accordance with the American University Credit System. By using the content and levels that correspond to the U.S. model, we make it easy for American students to get Spanish in the World's courses approved for credit back home.

Below you will find 10 different course outlines: 7 are for the general study of the Spanish language, and the remaining 3 focus on business, culture and literature.

All classes offered have a length of 4 weeks. This permits American students to incorporate themselves in the classes at any time and continue their studies of the language. In order for the student to receive full credits for a given course he/she must complete the entire program (according to the course syllabus) that was chosen.

Proposed course list is as follows:

Specific Courses:

Of course, any class offered can be adapted to the American models following the guidelines explained in the glossary (section on syllabus).


Beginner Spanish

This course is adapted as an intensive course of 20 lessons per week, totally 80 lessons during the course of one month. Some American Universities give 4 credits for the first two courses of Spanish. Each credit equates to 12 – 15 hours. Please see Glossary.

Elementary Spanish

It is adapted to the Basic Level. Will contain the same as the level above, 20 lessons per week, 80 lessons in the course of 4 weeks. This course is 4 credits.

Intermediate Spanish I

It is adapted to the Elementary Level course given by schools. American Universities tend to offer a variety of Intermediate courses, in the second year giving the course numbering of 2000 and in the third year 3000, for that reason we have proposed various courses at this level. Spanish 2100 shall have 20 lessons per week, a total of 80 lessons during the course of a month. This course is 4 credits.

Intermediate Grammar and Conversation

Intermediate Conversation and Composition

After the third year of the language, as was already mentioned, the majority of the American Universities offer three credits for those courses. It is for that reason that the number of hours is reduced. Third year courses tend to be divided into Grammar and Conversation classes which differ and frequently are completed with a section dedicated to oral and written expression. With this criteria we propose two courses that are given at the Intermediate Level.

According to this breakdown it will be 40 lessons per course. We equate 1 credit to 12-15 hours, for that reason the student will be able to receive 3 credits per course. If a university requires 45 contact hours for these courses it will be necessary to augment the number of lessons or give extra assignments in order to comply with the required stipulations of the home institution.

Advanced Grammar and Conversation

Advanced Conversation and Composition

As described in the above two courses the Advanced Level has been divided into two courses:

Each course is 3 credits and 40 lessons with the possibility of augmenting the number of lessons if required by a university. This would be done in the same way as mentioned in the previous level. Spanish 4100 and 4200 correspond to the Advanced Level courses that are given.


Business Spanish

It is an Intermediate Level course, for that reason the 3300 designation has been utilized. It consists of 20 lessons per week. There will be a need to adapted these courses, which equates to a Super Intensive Commercial Spanish. The course is 3 credits.

Spanish Culture and Civilization

This 4300 course is a history class that has been adapted from the History of Spain. Being that it is a specific course it does not contain a grammar component. The syllabus has been set up in order to utilize the second block of a course. They should have 45 hours of class and is a 3 credit course.

Survey of Spanish Literature

This course has been adapted to the program of Literature. Just as the other Specific Courses the syllabus has a section of thematic content. Just as the previous course they should have 45 hours of class and is a 3 credit course.


Spanish 1100 Beginning Spanish 80 4
Spanish 1200 Elementary Spanish 80 4
Spanish 2100 Intermediate Spanish 1 80 4
Spanish 3100 Intermediate Grammar & Composition 40 3
Spanish 3200 Intermediate Conversation & Composition 40 3
Spanish 3300 Spanish for Business 40 3
Spanish 4100 Advanced Grammar & Composition 40 3
Spanish 4200 Advanced Conversation & Composition 40 3
Spanish 4300 Spanish Culture & Civilization 45 3
Spanish 4400 Survey in Spanish Literature 45 3

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