Learn Spanish in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica

Spanish in Playa Jaco

Playa Jacó, located on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, is an incredible destination perfect for aquatic or land activities like kayaking, horseback riding, biking, fishing, hiking, canopy tours and of course, surfing, all the while meeting new people from all over the world. Learn Spanish in Playa Jacó and experience it all!

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Spanish School in Playa Jacó

Our school in Jacó is located just 7 blocks from the beach in a pleasant residential neighborhood. You’ll find everything you need - restaurants, grocery stores, calling & Internet centers, drugstores, bicycle shops and more - within walking distance. The building is a typical Costa Rican house with a 900m2 tropical garden, terrace and small swimming pool. Facilities include 4 indoor classrooms, an outdoor patio used for classes, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen area. Students have free internet access from 9:30am to 2pm. Minimum student age: 16 when traveling alone, 14 when traveling with a group and 10 when taking a course with a parent.

Spanish in Playa Jacó


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