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Spanish in Heredia

Surrounded by towering volcanoes, Heredia is a beautiful destination for students looking to genuinely get to know the Costa Rican culture and the atmosphere of a genuine "Tico" town. When you learn Spanish in Heredia, you can take advantage of the comforts of a small, beautifully biodiverse town with the proximity of a world capital.

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Spanish School in Heredia

Our Heredia Spanish School is situated in the town of San Joaquín de Flores and was established in 1991. If you are looking for peace and quiet, the suburb of Heredia is free of the stresses, traffic and smog of a big city. At the same time, however, buses that run on a frequent schedule make the cities of San José and Heredia easily accessible.

Another plus about learning Spanish in San Joaquín is its personality as a typical "tico" ("Costa Rican") town, which guarantees you the opportunity to increase your knowledge about local customs and traditions.

Spanish in Heredia

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*The school in Heredia also has a 2-week youth soccer summer camp option, which combines Spanish lessons with soccer training with a professional coach!


We want the students in our Heredia Spanish school to feel as comfortable as possible, so we accordingly provide the following accommodation options:

Spanish in the World also offers airport pick-up services from the airport to the housing option (see above) of your choice. See the price list for details.

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