Tenerife Travel Guide - Spain

Tenerife Travel Guide - Spain

Tenerife is the biggest of Spain's Canary Islands. Its climate is mild during the autumn and winter, with temperatures around 22° C, so Tenerife consequently welcomes a steady flow of tourists. Tenerife's unique beaches are of beautiful dark sand, and it has a surprisingly diverse landscape with volcanic mountains, national parks, zoos and ancient pyramids to visit. Many of the island's natural beauties are protected by UNESCO.

Tenerife is also renowned for its famous Carnaval celebrations; the island's main squares and roads fill up with parties, parades, samba shows and live music. Year round, you can partake in other exciting activities such as golf, horseback riding, diving, fishing, windsurfing, tennis, kayaking, parasailing and much more!

With its museums, an excellent infrastrcutre for tourists, a fun and laid-back atmosphere and of course its pleasant climate, Tenerife is the perfect setting to learn Spanish.... it essentially offers a Spanish language vacation!

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