Seville Travel Guide - Spain

Seville Travel Guide - Spain

Seville is one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations, and as soon as you arrive you'll understand why. The fourth largest city in Spain, Seville is located in the heart of Andalusia and enjoys a warm climate with mild winters.

Seville's history stretches back to the first settlements on the peninsula. After the Phoenicians and Carthaginians came the Romans; in fact, Trajan and Hadrian, two Roman emperors, were born in Seville. Nearly 700 years of Islamic rule also left their mark here, and when the city was finally reconquered by the Christians they constructed what is now the largest cathedral in the world.

The sevillano culture is extremely rich and represents most of what foreigners imagine Spain to be. Seville is the heart of bullfighting and of the art of flamenco, and is also known for its strong tapas tradition and some of the finest sherry in the world. The legendary stomping grounds of Don Juan Tenorio and Christopher Columbus, this is a city full of mystical tales, deeply rooted traditions and an active collective imagination.

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