Cádiz Travel Guide - Spain

Cadiz Travel Guide - Spain

Located on the "Costa de Luz" ("Coast of Light"), Cádiz is at once the western world's oldest populated city and a popular, modern beachside destination.

Cádiz has been an important trading post for thousands of years. Founded in 1100BC, the city's prime location - with the Atlantic to the west, the Mediterranean to the east, Europe to the north and Africa to the south - attracted all the Iberian peninsula's major civiliazations. Phoenicians, Visigoths, Muslims and, finally, Catholics have tread the streets of Cadiz's ancient quarter. These days, the locals are called "Gaditanos."

Cádiz is famous for its crazy Carnival celebrations (February/ March) and 10km of pristine beaches where you can chill out or practice water sports. It's only an hour or so from Sevilla and a short trip from other fascinating Andalusian cities. All in all, If you're looking to soak up some rays, southern culture and European history, Cádiz is the place to learn Spanish!

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