Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina Travel Guide

The second largest country in South America with a population of nearly 40 million, Argentina offers a limitless wealth of landscapes and activities for visitors and students.

Those unfamiliar with Argentina may be surprised to find out that its resdients are largely of Italian, Spanish, or German descent, and only a small percentage of the country consists of mestizo and indigenous peoples. This makeup creates a uniquely European culture within the gorgeous terrain of South America.

Argentina never fails to be a highlight for any world traveler. The country's vast range of natural beauties varies from the Andean Cordillera mountain chain and the Pampas plains to the deserts of the north, the Iguazu falls and the trails of Patagonia. If you're a skier, Argentina has some of the best slopes in the world just waiting to be discovered.

Spanish in the World offers Spanish courses in various cities throughout Argentina; learn more about all of them by clicking on the guide pages below!

Argentina Travel Guides

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