Córdoba Travel Guide - Argentina

Cordoba Travel Guide - Argentina

Cordoba, known as the "colonial capital" of Argentina, was founded in 1573 and has maintained the same infectious charm since its conception. Situated in the middle of the country and populated by over 2 million inhabitants, Cordoba's central location makes it the perfect city for those interested in nature-oriented excursions. Both the majestic beauty of the Andes Moutains and the captivating culture of the Pampas are just 100km away.

Cordoba served as the heart of Argentine art and academics until it was surpassed by Buenos Aires; consequently, you will discover beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, such as civic buildings, cathedrals and plazas, around every bend. Add to that a serene landscape of rivers, lakes and valleys, mild temperatures and few tourists, and you have the ideal environment for living and breathing Spanish on a daily basis.

During the past ten years, Cordoba has enjoyed tremendous growth and revitalization due to new industries flocking to the city. A number of recently constructed modern buildings and shopping centers have been integrated into the extant structures and culture of the city, making the present moment a great time to learn Spanish in Cordoba. What's more, night owls will never bore of Cordoba's diverse and up-and-coming nightlife, just one of the many attractions for students of the Spanish language that the city has to offer.

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