International Summer Language Camps

Spanish in the World offers 9 Summer Language Camps in Spain: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella (3 camps), Salamanca, Seville and Valencia for Spanish & International students. Our International Summer Programs welcome students from more than 32 countries, which creates a diverse and intriguing atmosphere.

Each camp's highly dedicated counselors & coaches provide 24-hour supervision in order to ensure your child's safety and well being.

We welcome students 5 to 18 years old who want to learn or improve their Spanish or English. Age groups are organized as follows:

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Camp Dates & Prices

Barcelona June, July
Granada June, July
Madrid June, July
Marbella Albergue
Marbella Alborán
Marbella Alemán
June, July
June, July & August
June, July & August
Salamanca June, July
Seville June, July
Valencia June, July

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