Medical Spanish Course

Medical Spanish Course

If you are a medical professional - particularly if you reside in the United States- you will have inevitably noticed the demand for doctors, nurses and other clinical employees to communicate in Spanish. With this need in mind, we offer this special Professional Medical Spanish course that first solidifies the student's general Spanish skills, then integrates Spanish medical vocabulary and other specialized phrases as the student's level advances.

The course syllabus includes health care discussions, grammar, expressions and vocabulary specific to the field of medicine, using authentic materials in the classroom. The course aims to help you develop listening and speaking skills with a communicative approach, so that you can transfer the knowledge learned in school to the real working world. You will also learn to differentiate formal and informal situations in a socio-cultural and linguistic context. Depending on the destination, this program may also include hospital visits, "shadowing" opportunities with professionals and even clinical experience.

We encourage all types of medical professionals to come take advantage of this specialized course, designed to help you improve and perfect your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues.


Please note that Medical Spanish Course characteristics vary by destination. Please check the page of the Spanish school location where you'd like to study for more details.

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